What's the Deal With?

What’s the Deal With The Golden Week

The Chinese characteristic week-long public holiday, so called the “golden week,” is probably the trickiest holiday a country can offer. It inconveniently merges one weekend and two week days into

What’s the Deal With Moon Cake Trends

Whether you buy them, eat them, give them away or just want nothing to do with them, as the Mid-Autumn Festival approaches, there’s no escaping the billboard and bus stop

What’s the Deal With Gecko Car Stickers

Walking through a parking lot, one can’t help but notice this silver reptile creature with a novel look lingering on the backs of many cars. The gecko, compared to cooler

What’s the Deal With Sunlight Phobia

Although the sun has been generous to the land of China, giving abundant sunlight during the year, it’s obvious that Chinese, especially women, don’t really appreciate this kindness. They don’t

What’s the Deal With Consumer Hotline

In 1999, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce (SAIC) initiated Hotline 12315 for consumers to report substandard and counterfeit products. The nationwide complaint platform is affiliated with and managed

What’s the Deal With C-Section Births

In mainstream thought, a mother’s agony during natural birth is an inevitability, but as modern medical procedures increase in China, almost half of the country’s women have opted to skip

What’s the Deal With Local Subsidies

Three decades of development have bestowed prosperity on the land of Dongguan. Across the nation of China the city and its people, even through recent economic woes, have been stereotyped

What’s the Deal with Wet Floors?

It’s only water, but in late February, and in March or April, many people across Dongguan are creeped out when water seeps from their walls and floors, running down surfaces,

What’s the Deal With Mandarin Oranges

Everywhere during the Spring Festival are bushes of bright orange fruits: supermarkets, private homes, schools, government buildings, hospitals, and every single shop. Some big ones can reach meters high, with

What’s the Deal with Chinese Leap Month

Ever wondered why certain Chinese traditional holidays such as Spring Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, and the Mid-Autumn Day, fall on a different date every year? While you may think this