What's the Deal With?

Military-Style Management

We’ve all seen the restaurant managers yelling at staff outside. Maybe that’s why the food’s so good. Each morning around 10 am, a formation of staff in uniform stands in

Throwing Money

Everyone searches for a little luck here and there, but at what cost? Lighting a candle and putting some money into a bucket is one thing, but when people, animals

Hanging Chinese Bacon

Now in the height of winter, count yourself lucky if your friends or family have planned ahead and stowed away a healthy supply of dried bacon. If they haven’t, start

Hongbao on Chinese New Year

In case you didn’t know, those red envelopes you keep seeing all over the place have money inside. Don’t snatch them off kids, you monster. Simply learn a few phrases,

Chinese Nail Houses

Isolated in the middle of staggering construction zones wait rickety, old houses. Their owners are defiant against the country’s expansion. They say their property is being taken unfairly, so they

Xin Wen Lian Bo

Where you find read or watch your news can be a critical influence on how you think about life. what happens when a country sits down and watches the same


You’ve probably seen the random baby with a giant hole down the middle of their pants. What appears like an unsettling solution to solve the urge actually makes a lot

China’s Internet Celebrities

With all of the intelligent value that the Internet brings also comes oddity. Put on some bizarre make-up, crack a couple jokes and make a million dollars. Or just film

China’s Fake & Real Valentine’s Days

Every February, more than a billion people carefully plan where to go, what to do, what to buy, who to call and more. If you’re alone, it’s even worse. Now

Everything that’s Wrong with China’s Strict Household Registration System AKA Hukou

For many Chinese, moving to other parts of China to live and work is essential, despite the major drawbacks, but it’s getting easier… You maybe didn’t know, but Dongguan is