What's the Deal With?

From victory to love

Pictures nowadays go beyond smiling for the camera. From pulling ridiculous faces to momentary trendy poses, some are almost considered timeless, and became the go to on this side of

Following the Herd

In china you will often see popularity in following trends. People will que for hours to eat at an overcrowded restaurant or shop at the busiest store. So, what causes

The Moon in Mid-Autumn Festival

The moon plays a major role in many cultures, it can even decide when friends and family should come together for celebrations. The mid-autumn festival marks an important time with

The Seven Sisters Festival

The seven Sisters festival is still celebrated in some parts of Dongguan. In the past women put handcrafted scenes on display in hopes of finding a good husband. Celebrations have

Daojiao’s Lost Knitting Industry

Grass weaving and the knitting industry have a longstanding tradition in dg, but with industry comes change. It has faded from an economic staple, replaced by plastic, to holding an

Racing for Dragon Boat Glory

A long-standing tradition, the dragon boat scene is exhilarating. If you haven’t yet observed the spectacle that is Dongguan’s competitive race for glory, be sure to witness the village teams

China: North Vs South

China is vastly huge. Due to climate variance, people living at opposite ends of the country eat completely different foods and celebrate the same festivals distinctly differently. Read on to

Qingming Festival In Dongguan

Qingming is not only for tomb sweeping, but also represents a change in weather, and a change in the way we look at things. A brighter view is key during

The Social Credit System in China

What do you know about China’s social credit system? Scarily similar to an episode from Netflix series “Black Mirror,” this system owns personal data on all of China’s native inhabitants.

Spring Festival in Dongguan

China is so big and diverse, that there are thousands of ways to celebrate the very same festival. But they share one common purpose—to wish luck in the new year,