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What’s the Deal With Local Subsidies

Three decades of development have bestowed prosperity on the land of Dongguan. Across the nation of China the city and its people, even through recent economic woes, have been stereotyped

Dog and Cat Stories: Who to Believe When Pet Shopping

It’s natural to look for companionship when we get to a new city, and it makes sense if we make up our mind to get a pet. It is not

Recycling Buddha: How One Organization is Changing Bad Habits

Industrialization brings people to Dongguan, as well as garbage, but very few are concerned with where the trash they dump will finally go. According to media reports, the city’s garbage

Wish You Were Here: Tips for International Mail

Mailing personal items or gifts across seas or continents can be a disturbing venture if you don’t know the differences in the many parcel mailing services and prohibitions of Chinese

What’s the Deal with Wet Floors?

It’s only water, but in late February, and in March or April, many people across Dongguan are creeped out when water seeps from their walls and floors, running down surfaces,

Find the Way Out: Real-Life Escape Adventures

In two dimly lit cells standing side by side, you and your companions are locked behind bars. There is nothing else except for black walls and three locked treasure boxes

Shared Support: Self Made Infrastructure for Disabled Workers

The world—big, awe-inspiring, dangerous and uncertain—has hosted everything that’s ever happened within human history. There is nothing that is possible that can’t be done here, though there are plenty of

Decorate for Chinese New Year

Spring Festival—often called Chinese New Year, which it is, although it’s called Spring Festival—is without question the biggest holiday season in China. Part of the celebration of the New Year

春联Chūnlián: Spring Couplets

The messages on red paper that appear around doors everywhere before the Spring Festival are among the most visible of Chinese New Year decorations. These are a holiday version of

The Qinlin Legend: Dancing a Town to the World Stage

Zheng He (1371-1433), the great navigator from Ming Dynasty fame, set out on his expeditionary voyage throughout Asia and Africa partly intending to re-establish China’s might and solicit tribute after