What’s really Ruining Society?

It seems immensely frustrating for older generations that young people sit together, but all play on their phones. Are We growing more individualistic or has it always been the same?

What’s The Real Dongguan?

You Might Not Know It, but all this time living here, you thought you were bored. You longed for more restaurants, more concerts, more, more, more. Little did you know,

What the Hell is “International?”

As globalization firmly takes hold in even the most remote locales, businessmen everywhere are aiming to use imported products and ideas to make money however possible. “So, what’s so international

Love The Country, Hate The Games

The mixed feelings surrounding the olympics in rio has left many confused on what to think. to make sense of it all, we located some brazilians living in dongguan and

Are You Done Complaining Yet?

The more people whine about the way Chinese do things, the more I have to wonder if they’ve ever met anyone different than themselves. They’ve gone 5000 years without your

Choosing ESL Teachers: To Go Native Or Not?

For many students and schools in China, having native English speakers as language teachers is the gold standard, but one teacher is eager to point out that it hardly matters…

The Rise of The Girly Men

  One real man in our city has decided that enough is enough, and that men need to man-up! So, a few years ago I got my sperm count tested.

Getting In A Jam

As Dongguan develops, the traffic gets gradually worse, and One city resident finds it is slowly driving him to road rage… Fender benders here in Dongguan are so popular that

Why I Prefer Dating Foreign Men

Are Chinese men really all that different to their foreign counterparts? One Dongguan resident certainly thinks so… I am a Chinese woman and I prefer dating foreign men. I know

I’m an Expat and I Take Bribes

Business dealings are different in each of the world’s corners. some are more open, others would rather speak behind the curtain, but everybody compromises. If you can’t adjust, then there’s