Growth Industry: A Multi-Demensional Look at A 3D Topic

As buzzwords go, 3D printing is a phrase making the rounds, but few have the technology in their hands. Students from the Dongguan University of Technology’s mechanical engineering department, however,

Brazilian, Football Addict, Visitor: A Sports Journalist away from Country, but Connected to Team

Being an expat is never an easy task. But, when you are Brazilian, love football and are 19,000 miles away from home during a World Cup being played in Brazil,

World Cup Pub Talk: Global Conversation Starters

On June 14th, the World Cup kicks off in Brazil. The host nation is favored to win the tournament; they have one of the world’s best players in Neymar, they

Name The Game: Meet Dongguan’s New Landmark

WE CALL OURSELVES the “Basketball City” and it’s an easy nickname to rationalize in an argument. We have two teams; we have a large base of local support; and the

On The Red Carpet: With Dongguan’s Personal Stylists

We all know that dressing better improves many things, including self confidence and just how far we get with that stranger, whether it is a new business contact or a

Searching For Swimming

Summer’s tropical heat is already pounding Dongguan, and we sent HERE! writers out across the city to scout out places to spend the hot steamy days swimming in comfort. 1.

The Once & Future City: Dongguan’s Influence on the Pearl River Delta

Dongguan stands as one of Guangdong’s most prosperous cities, its influence at one point spread out across an area almost three times its current size. More than 1,000 years ago,

Birthing In Modern China: Biographies From Parents and a Midwife

You have just found out that you are pregnant. I’m speaking to you too, men. Congratulations! But wait—you are living in China. Is it feasible, safe, scary (add personal adjective

Raising China’s Second Hand Car: Insiders Discuss Growing Pre-Owned Industry

For more than a decade, China’s new car market has swelled, generating the development of recreational drivers’ clubs all over the country, as new car owners enjoy their rides and

Dog and Cat Stories: Who to Believe When Pet Shopping

It’s natural to look for companionship when we get to a new city, and it makes sense if we make up our mind to get a pet. It is not