Feature Stories

Name The Game: Meet Dongguan’s New Landmark

WE CALL OURSELVES the “Basketball City” and it’s an easy nickname to rationalize in an argument. We have two teams; we have a large base of local support; and the

The Once & Future City: Dongguan’s Influence on the Pearl River Delta

Dongguan stands as one of Guangdong’s most prosperous cities, its influence at one point spread out across an area almost three times its current size. More than 1,000 years ago,

Dog and Cat Stories: Who to Believe When Pet Shopping

It’s natural to look for companionship when we get to a new city, and it makes sense if we make up our mind to get a pet. It is not

Wish You Were Here: Tips for International Mail

Mailing personal items or gifts across seas or continents can be a disturbing venture if you don’t know the differences in the many parcel mailing services and prohibitions of Chinese

Find the Way Out: Real-Life Escape Adventures

In two dimly lit cells standing side by side, you and your companions are locked behind bars. There is nothing else except for black walls and three locked treasure boxes

The Qinlin Legend: Dancing a Town to the World Stage

Zheng He (1371-1433), the great navigator from Ming Dynasty fame, set out on his expeditionary voyage throughout Asia and Africa partly intending to re-establish China’s might and solicit tribute after

Where Snooker Rules: Playing A Gentleman’s Sport

The cold stare emanating from Fan Zhengyi, and the poise that it represents, is beyond his years. It is a product of Li Jianbin’s Snooker school and it’s part of

Know Better, Sing Better: Dongguan KTV Review

Karaoke certainly plays a crucial part in the leisure and social life of the Chinese, although it might not be the first choice in entertainment for many foreigners, especially singing

Before You Hike in Dongguan

DIY Trail Gear There is no reason to overspend while preparing for your trip. If you can’t handle being in public without Gucci, the great outdoors is likely not for

A Profession to Help Others

The New Phase of Social Work in Dongguan During the relatively youthful reign of the PRC over the past 60 years, civil rights and freedoms often gave way to political