Feature Stories

Guangdong To Mumbai By Bike

I have been asked an uncountable number of times, “Why on earth did you decide to cycle almost 7,000 kilometers from Shenzhen to Mumbai—alone—through areas known to be dangerous for

The Last Defense: Snake Venom is Everywhere

It is one of the longest living and most feared creatures in the world. It is also an important symbol of Chinese culture and history. Nüwa, in myth, was the

Ye Olde Books of Trivia: Impress Your Friends with Local Knowledge

Mr. Zheng shifted swiftly among the wooden bookshelves erected against three walls on the third floor of his home in Wanjiang. He was looking for a thin manuscript of folk

Landmark: A Sneak Peak at the TBA Tower

At 289-meters high, the TBA Tower, named after the Taiwan Businessmen Association of Dongguan, is identical in height to Munich’s Olympic Tower, Cleveland, USA’s Key Tower and the length of

Reinventing The Wheel: China’s First Racetrack Finds a Way to Win

If you’re a fan of sport in any of its many forms, you are not necessarily a fan of motorsport. Loud and repetitive to some, the essential qualities that keep

A Little Fun for the Little Ones: Selected Summer Activities

Once again, here comes the time when children have an abundant time to explore the outside world, perhaps learn a new skill or develop a new hobby. To better make

Home Control: A Guide to the Beeps of your Remote

This translated from Chinese to English pictograph AC Remote guide can help you set up your AC just right.

Growth Industry: A Multi-Demensional Look at A 3D Topic

As buzzwords go, 3D printing is a phrase making the rounds, but few have the technology in their hands. Students from the Dongguan University of Technology’s mechanical engineering department, however,

Brazilian, Football Addict, Visitor: A Sports Journalist away from Country, but Connected to Team

Being an expat is never an easy task. But, when you are Brazilian, love football and are 19,000 miles away from home during a World Cup being played in Brazil,

World Cup Pub Talk: Global Conversation Starters

On June 14th, the World Cup kicks off in Brazil. The host nation is favored to win the tournament; they have one of the world’s best players in Neymar, they