Feature Stories

Lessons Learned from Farming Organic-ish

Open farms allow the customer to knock on the door and help themselves to a squeeze of the cow’s teat. China and its ecotourism destinations have their own characteristics. Ecotourism

Your View of the World: Huangqi Mountain

You will be atop Huangqi Mountain. You will be there often if you’re new to town, and the invitations to climb the curvy road and steep steps to Dongcheng’s pinnacle

Before Progress: A Self Guided Tour Through Old Town

Dongguan was established in 757 A.D.—according to official record—though few objects or artifacts can be found from that time. It was then based in a county named Bao’an and Guancheng

Call to Arms: War Games For The Weekend Warrior

For those on the hunt for out-of-the-box recreational activities, you’re in luck. Whether the weekend warrior type is looking to expel pent-up aggression or just wants something new and exciting,

Team Hitler: An Odd Encounter with The World’s Most Infamous Mascot

A year and half ago, an expat football squad arrived to a scene they never expected to confront on the pitch. The opposing team had made a strange choice, troublesome to

Old Time Monopoly: How Dongguan’s Co-Ops Survived the Fall

Throughout the first three decades of the PRC, a centrally controlled economy was applied to the country. China was underdeveloped and closed to the world. No private and foreign businesses

Expat Extras: Behind the Scenes On and Off the Set of Dragon Blade

In a country at the center of the universe, one film cost more to make than any other in its history. Coming to theaters on February 19, two Dongguan expats,

Old School to Nerd School: Two Breeds of D.I.Y. Home Heating

Type 1: Old school The average old-timer here isn’t especially known for having much education, but necessity is the mother of invention, and the following contraptions are still used by

This Oval Has Corners: Dongguan’s Newest Club Sport

When last year’s inaugural GD-AFL season ended, the Dongguan Nan Hua Giants limped away beaten and bruised in last place. That’s because Aussie rules football, or footy, is a new

Within the Cadence of Motion

Dongguan has long been a sporting city—the home to basketball champs and fanatics, the newest power house in the Badminton Super league and 2014’s World Champion Dragon Boat Team. But