Feature Stories

An Adopted Son

How One Woman’s Love For A Chinese-Nigerian Child Became One Of The Most Complex Adoption Cases In Modern China It was late autumn 2007 and Lynn, a 21 year-old unmarried

Free As A Bird: Paragliding in the PRD

On a warm spring day, the HERE! team drove into the mountains to see what it was like to fly… Human fantasies are almost boundless, but of those that are

Keeping It Trimmed – Getting a haircut in Dongguan

Dongguan has a litany of hair salons for all tastes and budgets, HERE! took a look at some of the options available… Haircuts are the great human equalizer. No matter

A Year In Review: Dongguan

The Year of the Goat was one in which Dongguan soared to ever higher heights, reaching several milestones lauded with national, as well as international acclaim. Wins National Civilized Award

What Donnie Does

One Expat’s Scandalous Behavior, Riled Much Of The Foreign Community, But In An Exclusive Interview With Here! Zach Etkind Sets Things Straight About His Alter Ego… Donnie Mahoney, infamous protagonist

Made in Brazil

Arriving In A Strange Land, Thousands Of Miles Away From Home Can Be A Challenge For Anyone, But One Group Of Brazilian Women Are Determined To Forge A Sense Of

Under the Rainbow: Dongguan’s Gay Scene

Slowly but surely homosexuals are asserting their place in Chinese society, but just how difficult is to be gay in a city like Dongguan? Photos of muscular male models in

How I Became A Part-Time Brain Eating Zombie

I’d been thinking about ways to do quick and dirty zombie makeup for a couple of years. It started when I decided to expose my wife and daughter to the

Meet Our New Metro

Ladies and gentleman, it is our proud honor to introduce the newest member of Dongguan’s public transportation network. The proud parent, Dongguan Rail Transit Company, after a somewhat stalled pregnancy,

Annika Sorenstam QnA

The world’s greatest female golfer shares stories from Tour, the secrets of her Mission Hills course and gives advice to the shy young Chinese up-and-comers. In 2001, Annika Sorenstam won