Feature Stories

You Could Be Their Next Victim

Everyone wants to be rich, but not all are ready to put in the work to achieve prosperity. To help the less ambitious fill their wallets, pyramid, multi-level marketing and

Tapping Into the Communications Genius

By now, you’ve gone to countless business meetups. In your office rest stacks of business cards, but how much do they really help you? What if every contact you made,

DG Gets Real On Two Wheels

Central Dongguan has finally evolved—or perhaps, devolved?—into its own metropolis where bikes turn out to be the fastest way to get around. Gridlocks, horrible drivers and the loss of appealing

To Love And Hate WeChat Groups

WeChat has already taken over our lives. No one can deny it, it’s unstoppable. The question is, how can we make full use of it without falling into its addictive

The Unbreakable Bond of Brazilian Community

Not all that long ago, we welcomed our readers to Brazilville, joining the thousands of Brazilian expats that once called Dongguan home. Today, things are changing as factories slowly close

Going Back to School at DGUT

The notorious semester abroad, which often amounts to a highly condensed period of drunken debauchery and eternal friendships, has pulled a great many students from childhood into full-fledged adulthood in

We Get Around: Using Tech to Navigate Dongguan

As our quiet, little metropolis grows to compete with some of the globe’s biggest cities, technology is making it easier to do business here or meet friends there. Don’t let

Spoken by A True Cyclist

No more gas stations, no more honking. It’s time to get out of the car and see Dongguan the way it was meant to be seen: on two wheels. Just

How Dongguan Got Its Groove Back

So much more than the awkward wedding reception or robotic ballroom dances you recall from high school, a huge variety of types and styles in studios around Dongguan will improve

The Rise and Fall of Dragon Boat Racing

Dongguan has long been a center of dragon boat racing, but sadly, this longstanding tradition is being quickly forgotten. Whether it’s Cornishman in their pilot gigs, students in their University