Masters of Menu: Dongguan Chefs & Their War Stories

These pages are a portal through another dimension, one not of sight or sound, but of smell and taste—its surfaces gathered on jovial social occasions. Its legends sparked not by

Take The Hint: A Guide to Chinese Body Language

For those calling China home, it can be easy to think you’ve figured it all out. Many of us reach a plateau in understanding Chinese culture, leaving little room for

Principals Matter: What Our School Leaders Really Think

I was a rebel. Getting sent to the principal’s office, while terrifying to some, was just another day in school for me. Through experience, I was numbed to the horror

Hidden History: Peeking through Village Relics

BRIDGES TO NOWHERE DAFEN VILLAGE (WANJIANG DISTRICT) Progress encroaches to the very edges of ancient craftsmanship, and though village planners have maintained these links to history, the bridges of Dafen are

Who’s Got Your Goat: Around the World on Chinese New Year

BRAZIL by Chico Luz NOVO HAMBURGO – Throughout the country, there are countless parties. People travel from everywhere to enjoy the celebrations. The music is loud, the fireworks burst in

Custom Start-Up: Three Expats and A Two-Wheeled Dream

When following the online social feeds of acquaintances and friends, and randoms, that seem to know what is happening in this part of the world, surprising things pop up. There

Chang’An Thug Life: Lessons From Captivity

When Song Jiang – a name from Chinese folklore used to keep our hero anonymous in this article – left prison in 2008, he was coming to terms with the

Five Must Have Holiday Habits: For a Dongguan Christmas Wonderland

Move to any country where Christmas is the most major of mainstream merrymaking, then ask the crowds what is on their list of holiday Must Haves. The answers will presumably

Six Discoveries from Student Life in Hong Kong

Only an hour and a half away from Dongguan by train, Hong Kong is a hot destination for higher education in the land of one country and two systems. After

Reaching For Fame: Where Talent Takes Us

In the past few years you may have noticed a change in the nightclubs of Dongguan. These days, dancers who look like they have just walked off a Calvin Klein