Dongguan From the Underground: Fashion Forward

For a city that once boasted production of something close to 90% of the world’s textiles, the dress of local population isn’t all that impressive. Copies of copies, misspelled brands

Dongguan From the Underground: A Good Sport

Back in 2008, a wolf was born. Nailing gaps with a thrashing bike flying in tow, Dongguan BMX riders were regularly treated to impressive displays of athleticism. “When I started

The Right Mix of Chalk and Challenges – A Look Into DG’s World of Teaching

Beyond healthcare, entertainment, nourishment and more, education is the bedrock of any developed society. An incredible amount of consequences come from having effective or ineffective societal knowledge. Minute details from

The Glory of Weightlifting: Shilong Weightlifting Museum

  Not many people know that Shilong is often called the “hometown of weightlifting.” Even fewer know that it was Chen Jingkai, a native of Shilong, who set a sporting

The Origin of Lingnan Fine Art: Lingnan Museum of Fine Art

Just about 150 years ago, artists studying painting, calligraphy, music, poetry and writing converged at the stylish Keyuan Garden in Guancheng, where they shared ideas and drank tea. Among them

A Jade Tossed in Concrete Forest: Arts de Chine Museum

Located in the middle of Dongguan’s industrial Hengli Town, the museum offers a satisfying cultural escape for people interested in Chinese culture and antiques (or alpacas and talking birds). Most

A First Impression of the City: Dongguan Exhibition Center

Don’t be confused, the Dongguan Exhibition Center is a museum rather than a giant hall where furniture or car shows are held. The first-floor exhibit will bring you back all

A Promoter and Educator of Modern Art: 21 Space Art Museum

As one of the best exhibition sites for modern art in the city, the museum houses a 3,000-square-meter area, including a sizable 20-meter-high transparent outdoor space to accommodate the craziest

The Future of Dongguan: Dongguan City Planning Exhibition Gallery

Barely opened for half a year, the Dongguan City Planning Exhibition Gallery has already been surprising visitors with an interesting view of an otherwise expectedly boring topic. Spend a few

The Significance of Shilong: Shilong Museum

Located in the heart of old downtown Shilong is the Shilong Museum. In these halls, you’ll bear witness to the ups and downs, affluence and adversity, and stability and turbulence