Who Would Know with Moga Tan

A Day in the Life Ambitious, happy and confident, Moga Tan describes her childhood from atop a tree from where she would peer down upon her poor Malaysian village; what

Who Would Know with Kaushal Kriplani

A Day in the Life “I was born in a town called lucknow, India. I was born there, did all my education there,” said Kaushal Kriplani. He’s the China Operations

Who Would Know: Alain Barblan

A Day in the Life Can you imagine traveling to Paris, sitting in a hotel room reading a Paris guidebook and then leaving the city? Alain Barblan can’t, and didn’t.

Who Would Know with Joseph Chow

A Day in the Life Imagine a time, maybe three generations from now. The stories passed down will likely be narratives that depict a time of prosperity floating up through

Who Would Know with David Chai

A Day in the Life David Chai is the chairman of one of the most influential business organizations in Dongguan. He has a natural leader’s temperament, speaking slowly and controlled

Who Would Know with Wanda Vista Dongguan’s Adnan Yucel

A Day in the Life Adnan Yucel’s resume reads like an adolescent’s diary, jumping from one place to another seemingly every day. He is general manager to Wanda’s new Vista

Who Would Know with Hillview’s Luc Li

A Day in the Life The general manager at Hillview Golf Course is noticeably young for his position. At 29-years-old Li is a prime example of a surge in internationally