Who Would Know

Start Controlling Your Life

Local公司医生, or company doctor, Anthony Cappabianca built his body into a muscule machine, but even that couldn’t save him from the unexpected pains of life. trying his luck in China,

Life as an Eternal Classroom

Options, options. Would you like to be here or there? With so many choices on where to make your home, why not try to make it everywhere? Better start packing.

A sense for beauty

W Studio grew quite famous after publishing controversial photographs of Sister Xiao Dong showing off his female form. We sat down with them to talk about being an artist in


After spending a lifetime constructing a masterpiece, some may do anything to keep it going. For others, a creation shouldn’t be a chain of limitation, but the foundation for continuous

The Art of Lending A Hand

There are plenty of people who just find their comfort zone and never push for more. For Chris Roberts, chairman of AustCham, this is not the case. There is a

The Hardest Things Worth Doing

Stop everything you’re doing right now and ask yourself if you’re happy with your life. If not, make your life goal to find out why. A long road usually isn’t

Creating Your Faraway Home

“When I came to this world, I have nothing; when I go, I’ll have nothing… I never pursue ego; I don’t care, as long as I’m happy.” He isn’t just

A Chat with The Consul General

The stuff that goes on in consulates and embassies often seems secretive, glamorous even. HERE! interviewed the American Consul General, Chuck Bennett, in Guangzhou, to find out what it is

The Man with The Golden Touch

HERE! sits down with the original trailblazer for the local hotel industry, Dongguan’s Mr hotel… Blazered and bow tied, in an upscale Japanese-style bar in the heart of Dongcheng, sipping

Managing Your Way to the Top

The General Manager of Tangla Dongguan Hotel sat down with HERE! to tell us why managing a hotel is not always easy… Managing Your Way to the Top Over lashings