Well Read

Flash Fiction Edition

After the Studio By Laura Kerr The studio was silent. He put the guitar case straps over his shoulders and switched the light off. Andrew and Jack were in the

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There are many things in life which we could describe as short and sweet, leaving us with a brief moment of bliss. The few seconds we get to appreciate the

The Lightminers

Set in a distant future, a place without day nor night, a time of no light, the lightminers blindingly dedicate themselves for the needs of others. But at what cost?

The Year of the Pig

How auspicious it would be to marry in the year of the pig. Tenuto was also born in the year of the pig. What does married life mean? Is life


By Chelsea Hite/Curated by Michael Kelly We come to this diner every Saturday. We have done for, what is it, 25 years now? Give or take anyway. As the time

Flash Fiction Edition

Only The One Time… By John Lombard “And that is where I found the knife, covered in the victim’s blood, with Mr. Drake’s fingerprints all over it,” testified Detective John

The Place Between

How could they have done this to themselves? Only now are they realizing the cost, but it’s already too late. For certain it’s too late for them, but maybe not

Life After Life

A stairway between life after death reveals more than expected for one who defies the cycle. With recurring memories of his past lives, what will happen to his future lives?

Poetry Edition

Astral By Jodie Renée Frain You disappeared as quickly as you stepped inside You were always there we just never knew Until the day came for you to leave And

A New Sun

It was one boy’s destiny to be a cosmic miracle, despite his naïve understanding to his purpose on Earth. Between remembering his past and escaping his pursuers, will he discover