Way Back When

The Empire Strikes Back

For many, the battle of sanyuanli symbolized China’s ability to stand up to foreign invaders It was 175 years ago this month: 60 soldiers from Great Britain and India were

Jesus’ Younger Brother

How one man’s crazed visions led to a huge rebellion and the death of millions… What would you do if you woke up one day thinking you were the younger

Dongguan’s Most Famous Son

 Way Back When: Jeremiah Jenne takes a look at the General with an infamous war cry… On a cold February day in 1626, Dongguan native Yuan Chonghuan is far from

The PRD Pirate King

How the region was once riddled with some of the most fearsome and bloodthirsty pirates on the planet… In the summer of 1857, Eli Boggs sweated in the dock of


The final act of the Song Dynasty was played out in The Battle of Yamen, off the coast of the Pearl River Delta The great dramas of dynastic transition have

The Job Nobody Wanted

In the past, a posting in Guangdong for a well paid government job was not all it seemed… Being an official in the Pearl River Delta during the 19th century