Way Back When

All Good Things Come To An End

From Governor in Guangzhou to Prisoner in India, Ye Mingchen was probably the unluckiest official as Governer-General of Guangdong and Guangxi. A little over two years ago, I began this

Peter Parker in Canton

That there was figure in Guangdong history who also shares his name with a famous web slinger…Now, that’s just serendipity made in geek heaven. That figure was Peter Parker. Born

Guardians of the past

They rise from the rice fields and bamboo groves of Kaiping County, eternal Monuments to the dynamic Cantonese spirit of home and abroad. Known as Diaolou, these multi-storied defensive structures

Playing expat is Dangerous

Even in the PRD, where all are from somewhere else, it’s tough. Did the Sichuan waitress mock your tones? Are you sure that’s really chicken? Fear not, intrepid Sino-naut, a

the old Kingdom of Nanyue

The ruins and records of an ancient kingdom are locked beneath the glass and steel of the modern Pearl River Delta. For nearly a century, the Nanyue held out against

Military Ghosts of Modern China

On May 1, 1924, on Changzhou Island, a motley crew of unlikely allies celebrated the opening of one of the most famous schools in modern Chinese history. The Republic of

The Boat CLAIMING South Sea

Shipwrecks are time capsules. Hidden beneath waves, they are suspended in silt and sand. Just down the coast from Dongguan ARE the remains of Nanhai One. The 1987 discovery of

A Summer of Anniversaries

In the heady early months of the Opium War (1840-1842), British Admiral George Elliot had captured the Qing forts at Humen. Later, on January 15, 1841, George’s cousin, Charles, who

The Electric Camel

Workers who support society are both hated and loved. Do they help or get in the way? One thing’s for sure, society needs these hardworking individuals. They disrupt traffic as

Forever Repeating the Past

Thousands of years of making one mistake after another and we’ll probably continue that way ad infinitum. Isn’t it nice when we learn from history? The year was 1882. Populist