The Weekender

Be Gone to Saigon

Take time to get out of China and explore the allure of a new country with Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Don’t let the musical “Miss Saigon” be the closest

Huizhou: A Walk Away from DG for a Day

Time to escape to Huizhou and get lost. Explore the natural surroundings that have inspired poets and prime ministers, and get some inspiration yourself with this month’s weekender. Huizhou, once

Back to the Capital

From early morning walks to secret hideaways and the ever so popular parks, the capital is filled with things to see. Experience the vibrancy of this old but, at the

Take a Trip to the Tip of Guangdong

This month’s weekender heads back to Guangdong province to bring you some lesser-known hotspots along the southwest coast. Explore the coastal cities all a short distance from Dongguan. A couple

Nanjing Moments by Night and Day

As a city full of history, culture and beauty, Nanjing has so much to offer. This place emits appeal and intrigue, from its historical attractions, mysterious parts and tempting delicacies.

Hainan Hideaways

In conjunction with this month’s cover story we offer a more adventurous beach option, by way of China’s original “Hawaii.” It can only be the tropical island of Hainan. Literally

Are You Feeling Lucky?

Summer has officially arrived! The month of may sees our resident travel columnist take a gamble on one of China’s most unique spots. We bet you didn’t see this one

The Heart of Canton

Our provincial capital city Guangzhou simply must be on any fledgling Dongguaner’s bucketlist of places to visit. It’s so vast, even if you’ve been before, the chances are you didn’t

Exploring The Heart & Soul of Xi’an

Xi’an is truly a city with heart and soul. When in China, don’t miss out. Why not treat yourself and book a flight for a long weekend of history, hiking

Hanoi Rocks, Lliterally

Following last month’s Chinese new year getaway suggestion, HERE! Offers another convenient alternative for leaving China’s borders over the holiday period. Check out the gem that is Hanoi. Vietnam’s capital