Teacher Tales

It’s About Being Functional

Have you ever wondered how military servicemen are deployed to foreign lands without spending years learning the language, yet they are able to survive? they do so thanks to functional

Long-time China Teacher Passed over by Passport

The crackdown on defining who can teach English in china continues, and the qualifications are now tied to the passport. Just because someone is a native speaker does not mean

To Teach or to Educate?

With the amount of time students spend in school educators are often finding themselves playing the role of a parent when it comes to teaching children morals and respect. Is

Insecurities Parents Push on Children

Parents push themselves to push their kids from the very beginning. Early childhood education has an impact on a child’s development, but what are the consequences? Say something! Say hello

How Young is Too Young to Learn English?

Parents only want what is best for their children and having them learn a second language at an early age can put them ahead of their peers. but at what

Can Non-Natives Teach English?

When it comes to English teachers, most of us know that being a native speaker is usually a requirement. Shouldn’t we make the exception for non-native speakers that are qualified

Choosing The Right Training Center

Knowing what to look for in a training center can prove difficult, especially when you’re a busy parent. With so many choices in Dongguan, how do you make the right

From The 1st Step to 2nd Generation

The journey of educator, parent and child, is a very important one. You can imagine the dynamic of that journey when the educator becomes almost like a part of the

It’s for Your Own Good

On September 29, 2011, teacher Simonova Anastassiya Alexandrovna died of cardiac arrest while at work. Fernando describes what ensued after her passing and the valuable lessons he learned from this

Things are never black and white

Our inhouse educator acknowledges a taboo, having provided an account of his personal experiences with regards to racism in teaching. He asks that readers remember this before criticizing the column.