Only Dongguan: Dreams and Lies Can Come True

Basically I was a trained cop in Hamburg, Germany. After 10 years of duty I started to dislike the job due to the torturous unbroken chain of night shifts, and

Comfort Food

We all have bad days that just seem worse than the rest, or short periods of meltdown in life. Perhaps we’re hung over, homesick or asking ourselves who we are,

Only Dongguan: My CBA Highlight Reel

When I was first asked to write about the experiences that could’ve only happened in Dongguan, my first response was nothing— nothing has happened to me that could not have

High on Life, Drunk on Beer

Since first learning about the yin yang, I’ve been fascinated with the concept of dualism — the ugly side of the beautiful and the good within the bad. I enjoy

Uncommon Sense: A Farewell

After three years and thirty-eight columns, Uncommon Sense is coming to an end. You would be forgiven for assuming it is because I am leaving the country. While this is

Adjustment Period

There are few foods I dislike. As my palate has matured over the years, I’ve added more things to my “like” or “will tolerate” columns than I have to my