Thoughts From Home & Abroad

After years here, many teachers may forget the variations in the classroom between here and there. Nothing’s better or worse, perhaps. Just different. Watching and learning. That’s what I am

Praising the Golden Cow

China’s Wildly expanding love for red meat is nothing new. But do producers, suppliers and vendors truly understand the complexity and art behind the protein culture taking the country by

Finding the Feeling of Home

Changing locations is never easy. Most of us have done it, and perhaps sometimes wonder how we managed the shock of it all. Time flies and life deepens and then

Playing expat is Dangerous

Even in the PRD, where all are from somewhere else, it’s tough. Did the Sichuan waitress mock your tones? Are you sure that’s really chicken? Fear not, intrepid Sino-naut, a

You Guys Say Some Nasty Stuff

You’re at the pool, enjoying a few cold ones & uninhibited—we get that. Still, some things should be kept at home. on second thought, never mind. As your resident party

Adaptation in the Classroom

“If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.” – Ignacio “Nacho” Estrada As teachers, we should be aware that not all

From Dynatown to A.I.

What makes you buy one thing and not another? How do stores know what to stock to make customers happy? Local businessman Henry Li has made it his quest to

A Brave New World

The Mandarin homophone “sea turtle” is an animal, but also represents a person who is born in China and travels to a far-off land to study and later brings back

Moral Fibre

If you could feel the pain of others would you be any less likely to hurt them? What if you had no choice? Would you want to be physically connected

the old Kingdom of Nanyue

The ruins and records of an ancient kingdom are locked beneath the glass and steel of the modern Pearl River Delta. For nearly a century, the Nanyue held out against