Call for Back Up

In 1998, I got my first big cross-cultural consulting job in China. I was hired by a 5-star Chinese-owned hotel in Qingdao to help them understand how to upgrade their

Follow Up

As local talent pools increase and companies begin hiring management from their ranks, working within and understanding cultural divides becomes ever more critical. This month—Flattery is a part of life,

Give Me Crust

There is a time to hold on to what’s dear to you, and there is a time to adapt. We can do both with a little homemade cooking. Have you

Who Would Know with Wanda Vista Dongguan’s Adnan Yucel

A Day in the Life Adnan Yucel’s resume reads like an adolescent’s diary, jumping from one place to another seemingly every day. He is general manager to Wanda’s new Vista

Who Would Know with Hillview’s Luc Li

A Day in the Life The general manager at Hillview Golf Course is noticeably young for his position. At 29-years-old Li is a prime example of a surge in internationally

Why Do They Do That?

This month we’re taking a different direction as we look at common problems or mistakes that Chinese make in building relationships or making friends with those expats from Western cultures.

A Smooth New You

Since the first day of this year, I’ve been unintentionally keeping to a resolution: bring balance and more nutrients to my diet. It’s been unintentional because I never once thought,

The Challenge of Localizing

An ongoing challenge for many international companies is localization of senior management. Expatriates are far more expensive than locals. The problem is that many local Chinese lack the international experience

In the Lime Light

If you’ve worked for a Chinese company before, you probably know a thing or two about being put on the spot. Perhaps part of your job title, for visa purposes,

Banquet Drinking for Dummies

You’re at a Chinese business dinner—seven of them, and one of you. They all want to drink a toast with you, meaning that you’re drinking seven glasses to their one.