I Like This Pie

As much as I enjoy learning how to survive in the throes of inconvenience by rising to a challenge, sometimes I just want things to be easy, and to stick

Only Dongguan: Who Changed Whom?

I came to work here as a radio and TV host, and a journalist, but I wasn’t sure how long I would stay. How the city grew on me and

Sense of Self

This year, I’ll be spending the first half of June visiting my family in my hometown in Texas. As has happened in the past, a trip home tends to remind

Only Dongguan: Life of Pie

After traveling around the world and learning how to speak eight different languages, I was convinced to come to Dongguan. All I heard at the time about Dongguan, was that

Take Back the Snack

Be honest with yourself – when was the last time you had a healthy snack or breakfast that filled you up and made you really feel good? Do you even

Only Dongguan: Out of the Park

So, I am living up in Fujian province and about to move down to Dongguan. My son is playing baseball in Xiamen, and we are travelling an hour and a

Revealing Habits

Having been raised Catholic, it’s probably a shame that I haven’t been to confession in about 12 years. To tell you the truth, I’d love to confess something right now.

Only Dongguan: Hardcore Haven

My idea of a good life is very simple. If a lifestyle can combine a person’s hobby with their career together, it must be the best. I first worked in

Under the Nose

Appropriately in line with the designs of the cosmos, this Lunar New Year has hailed a new sense of self. My understanding of my personality has changed, and with that

Seasoned Kitchen, Delectable Life

Recently, an acquaintance, having only been here few months, asked, “How do you do it? How do you get through the ‘this is China’ days and seem to enjoy your