Negotiation, China Vs. The West

Negotiation, China Vs. The West Negotiating in China can be an exercise in frustration. They don’t give you the information you ask for. Or they give you information, but it’s

What Name Do You Eat?

Have you ever heard of ‘Buddha’s hand melon’ (佛手瓜, foshougua)? Just in case you’re tempted, don’t confuse it with the Buddha’s hand (佛手, foshou) or fingered citron, a thick-rind citrus

Who Would Know: Alain Barblan

A Day in the Life Can you imagine traveling to Paris, sitting in a hotel room reading a Paris guidebook and then leaving the city? Alain Barblan can’t, and didn’t.

In Time You’ll Be Yogurt

Thanks to Forrest Gump, we’ve all heard that life can be like a box of chocolates because you never know what you’re going to get. If you ask me, destiny

My First Step to Blending In

Question: John, I really enjoy your column, and have learned a lot from it, especially relating the mistakes that you have made, and how you learned from them. What was

Who Would Know with Joseph Chow

A Day in the Life Imagine a time, maybe three generations from now. The stories passed down will likely be narratives that depict a time of prosperity floating up through

Delicious Things | Oven-baked Chicken wings

Chicken wings. Let’s take a moment to savor that thought together. What comes to mind? Is it your favorite variety? Or the times in which you usually eat them? Do

Who Would Know with David Chai

A Day in the Life David Chai is the chairman of one of the most influential business organizations in Dongguan. He has a natural leader’s temperament, speaking slowly and controlled

Call for Back Up

In 1998, I got my first big cross-cultural consulting job in China. I was hired by a 5-star Chinese-owned hotel in Qingdao to help them understand how to upgrade their

Follow Up

As local talent pools increase and companies begin hiring management from their ranks, working within and understanding cultural divides becomes ever more critical. This month—Flattery is a part of life,