New Year Cheer – New Year resolutions

We go about our daily business being oh-so-serious and adult, when sometimes we might be better off looking to our children for a little worldly wisdom and inspiration… Recently, I

Accounting for the City

A specialist in tax and accounting consulting for foreign companies, Cathy Zhang tells us how things are slowly getting easier for people doing business in Dongguan Perhaps not up there

Meditation Madness: India

The resort offers weird new age meditations and exotic hippie therapies with bizarre names such as “A Day for the Inner Child”, “Primal Rebirth”, “Mystic Rose Training”, and “Opening to


THIS MONTH CULTURE TELLER TAKES A LOOK AT SOME OF THE MORE BIZARRE SPECIES WITHIN THE EXPAT COMMUNITY We have all met different genres of foreigners in China, the smartasses,


The final act of the Song Dynasty was played out in The Battle of Yamen, off the coast of the Pearl River Delta The great dramas of dynastic transition have


IT CAN BE DIFFICULT TO KEEP YOUR FEET ON THE GROUND, WHEN YOU ARE GETTING HIGH ON FREEDOM For International Day at my childrens’ school, I dressed the kids up

Caffeine Fueled Success

On the surface Tommy Boy’s founder looks relaxed, like he doesn’t have a care in the world, but behind it all there is an intensely keen eye for detail Wearing

Nipponese Dreams: Japan

If there was an international competition for weirdness, Japan would surely do well: raw horse meat, green tea flavored Kit-kats, bizarre fetishes, obscure dishes made from fish genitalia (Shirako), and

Kingdom of Wonder: Cambodia

Sandwiched between its cooler cousins Thailand and Vietnam, Cambodia is often overlooked as a travel destination. Undeveloped, raw, and with a turbulent history, cosseted travelers are likely to give it

The Job Nobody Wanted

In the past, a posting in Guangdong for a well paid government job was not all it seemed… Being an official in the Pearl River Delta during the 19th century