Only Dongguan

Only Dongguan: Who Changed Whom?

I came to work here as a radio and TV host, and a journalist, but I wasn’t sure how long I would stay. How the city grew on me and

Only Dongguan: Life of Pie

After traveling around the world and learning how to speak eight different languages, I was convinced to come to Dongguan. All I heard at the time about Dongguan, was that

Only Dongguan: Out of the Park

So, I am living up in Fujian province and about to move down to Dongguan. My son is playing baseball in Xiamen, and we are travelling an hour and a

Only Dongguan: Hardcore Haven

My idea of a good life is very simple. If a lifestyle can combine a person’s hobby with their career together, it must be the best. I first worked in

Only Dongguan: Leaving the City, Keeping the People

My life in Dongguan over the past eight years has been enriching as we, my husband Tim and I, have learned the meaning of guanxi and how it applies day

Only Dongguan: Making My Own Changes

I was born in a relatively rich family in Dongguan in 1985. I’m also one of the highly controversial post 80s generation. As most people believe, I had a worry-free

Only Dongguan: On This Quest, I’m No Guest

Working around the world granted an enormous opportunity, not only to me, but also to my wife, son and daughter to understand diversified culture, language and the well being of

Only Dongguan: Home Discovery

I had travelled from my home immediately after being dismissed from a three-year stint in the army. Starting with a year in New York, I then returned eastward, reaching past

Only Dongguan: Forward Dealing

It has been almost 10 years since I arrived in China. What I learned very quickly was that business moves faster here than in the USA. Just like the Dongguan

Only Dongguan: Dreams and Lies Can Come True

Basically I was a trained cop in Hamburg, Germany. After 10 years of duty I started to dislike the job due to the torturous unbroken chain of night shifts, and