Live. Love. Sweat

Farewell Old Dongguan

Every day the sun rises, falls and life moves on. Hiding away would be a waste, so grab hold of tomorrow’s challenges and call them yesterday’s successes. Do your best,


We know those quick weekends over to Hong Kong where it seems like every restaurant is packed with amazing options not in Dongguan. imagine having so many choices available and

Big Fish, Small Pond Or What?

Life is an endless journey often packed with unclear decisions. Will it all work out? Will I be happy? You can never know until you try. The most important part

Excuses, Excuses.

People complain incessantly about the state of their physique, but when it comes time to improve themselves, they can always manage to find a reason not to help themselves and their

Wisdom From TV’s Best

For all the people who claim watching TV is pointless, I challenge you to find a better way to learn how to live and receive top quality entertainment AT ONCE.

Money Can Do It All

We all regularly buy into the old line, money can’t buy you happiness, but one woman refuses to follow the crowd… From a very young age, my mother drilled in

Eye of The Tiger (Mom)

We might make compromises in Dongguan, but the buck tends to stop when it comes to our children’s education I was a high-flyer as a kid. I went to top

Girls on Tour

What goes on tour stays on tour. Well, not anymore… Motherhood is a project that never ends. There is simply no vacation for moms. Even on family vacations, the schedule

Have Your Cake and Eat it

  We might want it all, but sometimes we need to make sacrifices… I don’t know about you, but I am going to admit it straight out: I want it

New Year Cheer – New Year resolutions

We go about our daily business being oh-so-serious and adult, when sometimes we might be better off looking to our children for a little worldly wisdom and inspiration… Recently, I