HERE! Wine

Rotten Socks & Candied Apricots

“Red, white or rose” used to be enough to get us through the dilemma of wine color choices. Now fashion and industry have conspired to force a fourth option. Orange

English Fizz, Yes Please

It would have seemed laughable a decade ago, but England’s sparkling wines are now challenging champagne for quality, and commanding prices to match. In the summer of 2018, this column

The Fall and Rise of Rosé

A timely pink reinvention started quietly, a long time ago in a Gallic land far away. Fuelled by celebrities & technology, it’s bringing a former wallflower in from the cold.

Market Disruption in the Trade

How we buy wine is changing in ways both predictable and surprising. This month we take a look at what those changes are, what they mean for us, and how

Chinese Wine Anyone?

Chateauneuf du pape versus shanxi: the imminent dawn of world-class Chinese wine appears regularly in sponsored editorials and uncritical reviews. Are we ready to embrace local hongjiu? If not now,

How To Spot Fake Wine

A fascinating dark art, wine fraud has offered plenty of true-crime excitement & gotcha! Moments over the years. Meet the world’s greatest ever faker, some nasty chemicals and a few

Reading A Bottle: The Label

Knowing what to look for and where to find it on a wine label will increase the confidence and speed of your purchase. It will also enable you to buy

Wit and Wisdom for Wine Lovers

In our first column dedicated to de-mystifying wine, we’re taking a look at how the packaging offers tell-tale signs of the contents. This should help you to feel less overwhelmed