Going Bump in the Night

As you reminisce about your best costume yet, keep in mind how important cultural exchange is in bringing humans closer together. It’s that time of year, when my two favorite

You Guys Say Some Nasty Stuff

You’re at the pool, enjoying a few cold ones & uninhibited—we get that. Still, some things should be kept at home. on second thought, never mind. As your resident party

Divorce Means Life or Death

Fat, skinny, tall, short, if you like to try a buffet, be careful the region of your mate. You might find a girl who’s ready to swing or take you

In search of quiet

Work hard, play hard, that’s that motto. We’re tired of getting drunk as fast as possible and then  slurring a night away. Lulu knows better. My writing has been everywhere.

Not Just a Man’s World

Most of the world SEEMS to operate on the notion that women are secondary citizens to men. Will women follow these rules forever? One writer thinks NOT. Okay, so, recently

Dry That Wet Blanket

Forgetting the money, traveling and social benefits, negativity can be infectious. This can be a precarious place, don’t forget to smile once in a while. Okay, I’ve had it! Last

Don’t Ruin All My Places

After finally finding your main spot, the place is overrun by people who like all music, drinks and fun. In other words, they probably like nothing at all. Well, my

The Real Housewives of DG

You’ve seen the bitches out themselves in Beverly Hills and every “Real World” city, but now it’s Dongguan’s turn. one question: which lady are you? Heeey there, all my favorite

Home Is Where The Party Isn’t

We get it. Dongguan isn’t Hong Kong. the options might be limited, but that doesn’t mean you have to sit around and moan. If you’re bored with your life, look

The New Gossip Girl in Town

Lulu Luxe is a self-described ‘social animal,’ who shares her take on life in Dongguan. She asked us to make clear that her opinions are not those of the editors