Explaining First-Tiers, again

An incredible amount of fuss has been made about Dongguan becoming a first-tier city. The question is, why? One writer seems to have figured out the secret. It seems fitting

Chinese Internet Blues

With news that VPNs and similar services are set to be banned, there’s more reason than ever to maximize Facebook. Will it ever happen? Maybe it already is. Last month,

On a Chinese Screen

Popular wisdom tells us that living abroad is good for us. It broadens horizons, imparts new perspectives and bestows knowledge. IS THE HYPE ALL TRUE? Your average expatriate, particularly a

Middle Kingdom Madness

Though China is an awesome place to live, it may not necessarily be the first place you think of to spend your hard-earned holiday… You will hear many an expat

Pride’s Sleight of Hand

Nationalism isn’t a new trick, but it’s one that’s sure to be vigorously used for eternity. Is loving your country bad? No, but what makes it so special over any

Journey to the East

So, big dreamer, you didn’t go native in China, but don’t worry. that’s probably a good thing… All expats come full circle in the end. They anxiously arrive full of

From A Former Career Advisor

People often talk about the strange things they see, but how about the strange things they do to stay afloat? Find yourself desperate enough and you might be willing to

Chinese Myths and Other Stories

When people ask all kinds of bizarre questions about China, just how weird can they get? Chinese individuals of the less worldly type are often guilty of asking foreigners some

Making the Heart Grow Madder

Here we are, half a world away from home and we’re out of the loop. Cut off from our origin, we are teased with all the scents of our past,

The Ghost at Chinese Christmas

For many in China, Christmas is just not quite the same as the long-lost holiday back home… It was late November a few years back, when I first learned of