Krygzstan: Catch A Breath of Fresh Air

For tourists interested in an adventurous blend of culture and untapped nature, take an unforgettable trip to Kyrgyzstan. Situated on the northwest border of China, Kyrgyzstan will astound you with

Bali: Volcanoes, Coffee, and More

With ten days to celebrate Chinese New Year, I did what any sane foreigner looking for new experiences would do. I drank poop coffee in Bali, Indonesia. And I liked

Meditation Madness: India

The resort offers weird new age meditations and exotic hippie therapies with bizarre names such as “A Day for the Inner Child”, “Primal Rebirth”, “Mystic Rose Training”, and “Opening to

Nipponese Dreams: Japan

If there was an international competition for weirdness, Japan would surely do well: raw horse meat, green tea flavored Kit-kats, bizarre fetishes, obscure dishes made from fish genitalia (Shirako), and

Kingdom of Wonder: Cambodia

Sandwiched between its cooler cousins Thailand and Vietnam, Cambodia is often overlooked as a travel destination. Undeveloped, raw, and with a turbulent history, cosseted travelers are likely to give it