Teach English the Right Way

Newsflash for some ESL teachers out there: China does not owe you a living. Either get your job the right way or quit complaining. On some English teachers’ WeChat groups,

Introducing the Right Learning

The way you talk with your children makes a tremendous difference in how they think and feel about themselves. By understanding their mind, you’re creating a bridge to aid communication

Take Responsibility for Learning

Too often parents assume that simply enrolling their children in activities will automatically brew success. In order to master skills like English, a huge time investment is required. That starts

The Different Stages of ESL

Learning a language can be as daunting for the parent as it is for the child. Understanding the process of progress will not only put your mind at ease, but


When it comes to educating, there is no exact standard. People think differently and the way they learn may also go a long way into helping them maximize their skills

Your Child is Special, Don’t Say It

The learning curve of life is filled with complexities that would make most of us shudder. Still, Don’t take away all their most critical challenges that’ll benefit them later in


Last month, we began a practical exploration into how to find an ideal training center that you and your children will both love and find effective. Don’t miss out on

Finding An Ideal Training Center

You want the best for your child, so you visit school after school, but they appear to dislike everything. Finding the best center is easier than you think, if you