Teaching to a Certain Degree

Last month’s article caused some controversy with a few readers and so this month I will address some of the comments made. Person 1: It is a big misconception that

The End of the ESL Teacher?

In a place where the demand for foreign teachers is so high, and the demands of foreign teachers are ever-increasing, will schools begin to look for alternatives? Are we nearing

When Size Doesn’t Matter

Is Intensely working children the only way to ensure collegiate success? It’s time to review if these now-antiquated systems can truly deliver. Why is the education system in Finland so

Thoughts From Home & Abroad

After years here, many teachers may forget the variations in the classroom between here and there. Nothing’s better or worse, perhaps. Just different. Watching and learning. That’s what I am

Adaptation in the Classroom

“If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.” – Ignacio “Nacho” Estrada As teachers, we should be aware that not all

Teachers’ Back to School Tips

New clothes, supplies and enthusiasm are brimming in your students and you’ve got another glorius chance to kick things off in the best way possible. Do it right. It’s time

Differentiation in ESL Classes

If you’ve got a great class, but a few students constantly struggle to keep up, try these techniques to keep things running smoothly. We’ve all been there. Whether at a

Preparing for the Future

PLENTY of positions means EVEN MORE money and flexibility. continuing to evolve as a professional will ensure your skills are always in demand. This month, I write about where I

Something You Should Know

This month, we’ve put together an essential list of nine key mental skills that every teacher who takes their job seriously must acquire. Which ones are you missing? Every teacher

A Partial Ode to ESL Teachers

Many people write off educators as taking the easy way out, but it isn’t an simple job. Not if you want to do it well, anyway. Over the last few