Class Act

One Last Recap on Teaching

It has been two years since Warrick started writing this column, and just like everything does, it has run its course. Before we say goodbye, here are his last points

Assessment Is The Answer

There are three main types of assessment you can use to increase the ability of your students, and to demonstrate progress to those parents with high expectations. But my baby

Managing Class Behavior

Sometimes students behave badly & it can be easy for teachers to stick to the same habits for punishment. Why not try switching strategies for classroom intervention? If you read

Positive vs Negative in Class

When it comes to reinforcing behavior in the classroom, teachers all have their own techniques. But the debate is real, which works? Positive or negative? A few weeks ago, on

Being Squeezed Out

Supply and demand. The economic theory goes that when the supply of a certain product or service increases, its price, if all other things remain equal, decreases. I received a

Full Immersion

Do you really need to know how to speak Chinese to teach students English? Full immersion in the classroom can improve students’ language abilities overall. But how will I teach

Teaching to a Certain Degree

Last month’s article caused some controversy with a few readers and so this month I will address some of the comments made. Person 1: It is a big misconception that

The End of the ESL Teacher?

In a place where the demand for foreign teachers is so high, and the demands of foreign teachers are ever-increasing, will schools begin to look for alternatives? Are we nearing

When Size Doesn’t Matter

Is Intensely working children the only way to ensure collegiate success? It’s time to review if these now-antiquated systems can truly deliver. Why is the education system in Finland so

Thoughts From Home & Abroad

After years here, many teachers may forget the variations in the classroom between here and there. Nothing’s better or worse, perhaps. Just different. Watching and learning. That’s what I am