Be Gone to Saigon

Take time to get out of China and explore the allure of a new country with Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Don’t let the musical “Miss Saigon” be the closest

App And Away We Go: Duolingo Chinese Learning App

Learning a new language or trying to brush-up on your Mandarin? There is an app for that. Try this convenient language app in your spare time, and you might just

It’s About Being Functional

Have you ever wondered how military servicemen are deployed to foreign lands without spending years learning the language, yet they are able to survive? they do so thanks to functional

Long-time China Teacher Passed over by Passport

The crackdown on defining who can teach English in china continues, and the qualifications are now tied to the passport. Just because someone is a native speaker does not mean

Huizhou: A Walk Away from DG for a Day

Time to escape to Huizhou and get lost. Explore the natural surroundings that have inspired poets and prime ministers, and get some inspiration yourself with this month’s weekender. Huizhou, once

Talking with Guests

Stepping away from the usual Putonghua insight, this month introduces you to the Hakka language and people. Find out about this branch of the han ethnic group and how they

A Well-Intended TV Addiction

We all look for ways to pass the time and avoid the summer heat, often falling into a trap and getting hooked on a new tv show. Sometimes tv can

Back to the Capital

From early morning walks to secret hideaways and the ever so popular parks, the capital is filled with things to see. Experience the vibrancy of this old but, at the

To Share, to Achieve

Incubation expert Rickey Lin shares his advice on how to become an entrepreneur and achieve success. Find out how he is helping to develop business in Dongguan, and what he

To Teach or to Educate?

With the amount of time students spend in school educators are often finding themselves playing the role of a parent when it comes to teaching children morals and respect. Is