All Good Things Come To An End

From Governor in Guangzhou to Prisoner in India, Ye Mingchen was probably the unluckiest official as Governer-General of Guangdong and Guangxi. A little over two years ago, I began this

The End of the ESL Teacher?

In a place where the demand for foreign teachers is so high, and the demands of foreign teachers are ever-increasing, will schools begin to look for alternatives? Are we nearing

None of Your Business

Have you ever been approached to invest in or manage an online operational business? have you thought about the challenges alongside it? Part-Owner & GM of Nogogo Online Groceries, Glenn

From Grade A to UK

From undergraduate in China to postgraduate in England, the sea turtle speaks of the challenges she faced during this transition and how to become a hero in ordinary life. My

Greater Good

A young man takes his first steps into the outside world. Raised without sin, is it possible to survive the cruelties the world can muster or is he doomed to

Peter Parker in Canton

That there was figure in Guangdong history who also shares his name with a famous web slinger…Now, that’s just serendipity made in geek heaven. That figure was Peter Parker. Born

When Size Doesn’t Matter

Is Intensely working children the only way to ensure collegiate success? It’s time to review if these now-antiquated systems can truly deliver. Why is the education system in Finland so

Finding Beauty in Chaos

It’s often supposed that during the Cultural Revolution, nearly everything creative, historic or artistic was destroyed and lost to the abyss of time. Local famed poet Wang Yiding (王一丁) would

The Promise of Dosterra

With humanity on the brink, one last crew is expelled into the darkness to carve out an uncertain future. But the hope that had once motivated them to sacrifice everything

The Pitfalls of British Mail

Coming from China—where practically everything is bought online—delivery is privatized and well-organized. This is especially highlighted when encountering more antiquated public systems. How can the Sea Turtle solve it? Rapidly