The Know How

New China-Philippine Relations

As China continues to climb towards fiscal and political dominance, former allies of the declining United States are beginning to take note. Will the Philippines be the first of many

New Vegetarianism in China

The slow rise of variety in china has given way to many new ideas and ways of living. One of these changes will alter patterns of meat consumption, which is

Work Permits for Foreigners

These days, China is tightening up employment law to better organize foreign contributors. If you aren’t legal you might pay a high price. As part of our mission to provide

The New Internet Censorship

China has tightened the web with new censorship laws. To avoid letting your webspace fall into the void, we recommend you learn all the necessary regulations. China’s new Online Publishing

Disabled Workers In China

The disabled are more able than they are given credit for, and employing disabled workers is useful for society The fallout from China’s abolishment of its one-child policy has taken

China Legal Warngles

Legal disputes in China are not as difficult as they sometimes seem… For foreign investors running businesses in China, it is very likely that they would find themselves feeling wronged

A Certificate of Tax Residency

This article aims to discuss what is known as a Certificate of Tax Residency(中国税收居民身份证明). As is discussed in the following, the Certificate of Tax Residency is applicable to both foreign

China’s child policy changes – A Two-Child Policy

China’s child policy changes The Introduction of the two-child policy could yet make it tricky for Chinese businesses They can often be difficult to navigate, yet with a population of almost

Intellectual Property in China

In China, it is important that you know a few tricks of the trade when it comes to protecting your company secrets China’s IPR (intellectual property rights) protection system is

Investment Seeding

Investing In china’s crop seed industry might not be straightforward but it is a good bet for the future As any visitor is quick to notice, China is a land