The Know How

Master Employee Retention

An effective employee retention strategy is becoming increasingly important in china’s volatile job market, where a shrinking workforce and aging demography is driving up the competition for talent. The best

Expats, Pay Your Taxes!

Two things in life are certain: death and taxes, and you can’t cheat either. You will eventually have to pay both, so find out more on china’s new tax laws,

Get your pension to go

What can social insurance in china do for you? Here is what you need to know about social insurance, as well as what foreigners should do with their account when

New Initiatives for HQ In Dongguan

The “factory of the world” is now offering incentives for companies to set up headquarters in the city. From financial rewards to land and office space, the Dongguan government hopes

China Slashes Tax Rates

The tax reform means cuts to vat in China are currently taking place, benefitting eligible businesses in several different ways. China will cut value-added tax (VAT) rates for businesses in

Coworking Space Regulated

The current expansion of coworking spaces is slowly but surely taking place and despite obvious dilemmas for the government, the industry prepares for continuous regulation. 576 coworking and incubator spaces

Trusting Official Statistics

As China grows into a superpower, the country moves to develop a more transparent tool to monitor growth and development. Recently, several media sources reported that Liaoning province had been

China to Reduce Pollutants

China continues its substantial effort to improve the country’s environmental standards with a new series of penalties for polluters. In December 2016, the National People’s Congress promulgated China’s first Environmental

The Rise of China’s Drones

As much of the rest of the world has taken a lackadaisical approach to investing in drones, China quickly grabbed the opportunity. Now, the country is primed to guide the

Better Together: Crowdfunding

Working together to build something great has serious benefits, plus an even more enormous potential for cash. Though in its early stages, China will soon lead the globe’s crowdfunding effort