Beijing Attracts Foreign Talent

Beijing now offers new incentives such as China’s green card and more to attract only the best foreign experts to innovative Zhongguancun science park. Beijing has announced new visa, residency,

Withholding Tax Deferral Plans

Foreign investors can now check the criteria for withholding tax deferral treatment on dividends to see if they are eligible. On December 21 2017, authorities clarified the criteria for withholding

Coworking Space Regulated

The current expansion of coworking spaces is slowly but surely taking place and despite obvious dilemmas for the government, the industry prepares for continuous regulation. 576 coworking and incubator spaces

China Cuts on Consumer Goods

It’s just a matter of time before china sees Reduced tariff rates on almost 200 types of consumer goods. with the aim of encouraging domestic consumption, the new tariff rates

China Bans Imported Foreign Waste

In a continued effort to reduce domestic pollution, China will ban the import of 24 types of waste by the end of the year as part of a campaign against

Why’s China’s Tax Law So Complex?

China’s tax system can be bewildering for foreign investors. Despite recent efforts to streamline the tax system, the World Bank ranked China 131 out of 190 jurisdictions for ease of

China Bans Weird Company Names

For companies looking to expand in China, choosing an adequate name just got a lot more complicated. finding a creative, culturally knowledgeable individual to help with a name will help

How Does China Quality Control?

The complications that can arise due to supply chain inadequacies are enough to make your head spin. Here are some critical warning signs you and your company should do everything

Why Ford Chose China over Mexico

The recent decision to move Focus production to China over Mexico may come off as threatening to the American economy, but progress demands pragmatism. Are American companies desperate or just

China to Cut Billions in Taxes

As China’s behemoth growth begins to slow, the government is taking steps to ensure decline is minimal. How can your company benefit? China has approved 380 billion RMB (US$55.2 billion)