Get your pension to go

What can social insurance in china do for you? Here is what you need to know about social insurance, as well as what foreigners should do with their account when

IIT Incentives for Overseas Talents

Eligible overseas talents working in nine cities in the greater bay area can enjoy a preferential tax rate of 15 percent, in line with the Hongkong rate. Could this rate

China’s Recent Stimulus Plan Goes Green

While China’s economic growth keeps slowing down, amid a continuous us-china trade war, the government doubles down on environmentally friendly incentives. Thus, hoping to increase spending by the people. On

US Export: Vietnam Trumps China

With the us-china trade war still ongoing, as well as recent years of growth acceleration, Vietnam is becoming the chosen destination for us export manufacturing, with a 28 percent increase

Business Done Differently

Ben Schwall first came to China at the age of just 15, on a study exchange program. Since then, his involvement with China was perhaps inevitable. We delve into the

“996” Work Culture Burnout in China

Alibaba founder Jack ma made a bold statement on his blog defending the notoriously grueling “996” work culture—working 12 hours a day (9 am to 9 pm), six days a

Domestic Consumption Policy Plan

With quality now starting to trump quantity, new measures for China’s domestic consumption policy plan are part of a wider series, aimed at reinforcing the core of the domestic economy.

China’s IIT Law and the Six-Year Rule

China’s new individual income tax (IIT) law came into effect on January 1, introducing new tax brackets and a slew of other changes to the country’s IIT system. In the

Minimum Wages Continue To Grow

China has had some catching up to do to address income equality, but it’s certainly on its way. Minimum wages in China continue to grow as the economy develops. Through

Alter Your Ego, Alter Your Business

Last month’s article was all about scalability and bottlenecks, and after having touched on the issue of ego, let’s delve deeper as we discuss this in greater detail this month.