Town Guides

Dongcheng District Guide

History From the olden times till now, Dongcheng’s Huangqi Moutain has been full of symbolism for Dongguan. “On the top of Huangqi Mountain, there will raise a lantern” is a

Guancheng District Guide

History At 13.5 sq. kilometers, this district is the smallest of the four that make up downtown, but it is one of the oldest places in Dongguan—with just over 1,200

Nancheng District Guide

History For Dongguan locals, the district of Nancheng is spelled CBD—a.k.a. Central Business District. It is complete with skyscrapers, shopping centers, business gatherings and, of course, the regular National champion

Qingxi Town Guide

History The most beautiful legend from Qingxi, which means clear stream, is about its fascinating environment. In ancient times, deer belonging to the god of longevity happened down to Earth.

Shipai Town Guide

History Shipai is known as “Red Stone Town” because of its Yanling Ancient Quarry, a provincial cultural heritage site in Yanwo Village. The quarry, rich with red sand stone, was

Dalang Town Guide

HISTORY Dalang was first spotted on the map as a central part of a county more than 1,600 years ago. It had been a political, economic and cultural center for

Dongkeng Town Guide

HISTORY Dongkeng Town was originally a village founded by the Lu family from Nanxiong (in Shaoguan City today) back in the Southern Song Dynasty. Since the village resided to the

Zhongtang Town Guide

HISTORY Zhongtang was established as a village more than 1,000 years ago dating back to the Song Dynasty. Thanks to its watery geography, inhabitants cultivated crops with great success, mainly

Qiaotou Town Guide

HISTORY Quite a few towns in Dongguan get their names from geographical features, like rivers, fields or hills. Likewise, Qiaotou named after a bridge. As early as the Ming Dynasty

Machong Town Guide

HISTORY Historically, the town has been associated with the Guangdong opera style of Quyi. Performances are held regularly and many of Guangdong’s top performers have visited over the years. Machong