Restaurant Reviews

The Lobsterman: Almost Full

A classic American tavern-style restaurant set in dark wood and vintage lights. The Lobsterman restaurant emits an open and relaxed ambience that momentarily made me feel I was not in

Carlo Restaurant: Fixed For Food

Four years ago, arriving to China to make my abode in a small city of a quarter million, I was delighted to see “Western Restaurant” wrapped around the corner marquee

Seasoned Profile: H Bistro

H Bistro is trying to be serious. It has a serious looking kitchen, serious looking staff and a seriously dim interior for serious diners who don’t mind dropping a decent

Singles: Table For You

The décor of Singles should win a gold star in the ilk of Western-themed restaurants. It’s sparkly, high ceilinged and smacks with enough external stimuli that it could keep a

Roadhouse Bar & Grill: Rubbed Tummies

The newest venue for Western fare and entertainment lies at the foot of Qifeng Park’s steepest climb. Roadhouse Bar and Grill, aptly named for its thorough replication of suburban American

360 Degrees: Turning Heads

The Houjie International Hotel is the tallest building in Houjie and on its forty-eighth floor is possibly the most unusual restaurant in Dongguan. The dining room at the 360° Revolving

Fowl Obsession: Xian Huang

Guangdong is home to a few native specialties that most foreigners only stomach once or twice as novelty. Roast goose’s greasiness and high percentage of saturated fat along with Cantonese

It Has Risen: Martin’s Bakery

A bakery in Dongguan can be like a mirage in the desert. Walking down the street you find the warm glow of a newly opened bakery. Look in the window

Portions Available: Wild West Steakhouse

There is a time and a place for everything. Many times, weekly lunches are a great place to shave a little off of budgeted spending, which means that if eating

Pack a Freshy: Nordic Bay

Sushi is everywhere. It is a healthy lunch, a great date night and a fun way to gather friends with crowd-pleasing menus. It is also a great business with little