La Cote d’Azur: Français En Dongguan

For more than two decades, Simon Wong and Lionel Lee gained some serious skills working as chefs in Hong Kong Michelin-starred restaurants. Now, with years of experience in hand, they

Blakester’s: The Future of Burgers

Blakester’s parades a distinctly Polynesian vibe, which extends from the logo all the way down to the homely—romantic, even—kitsch decorations. It’s not exactly what it is that quite catches your

Dip-It Mediterranean Restaurant: Take a Quick Dip

The orange colored-theme of this restaurant embodies warmth from the outset and when you try the food, it’s exactly what you get: healthy, tasty and kindly welcoming. The open-plan kitchen

Tonya: A Taste of Japan

There’s a big chance that you will miss this restaurant as you walk by. It doesn’t so much as have an English logo or sign, but miss it at your

A bite of Local Culture: Taoheung

The bite-sized local treat, Dim sum, is certainly one of the must-try cuisines when new visitors come to Dongguan. Having dim sum is also called yum cha in Cantonese, meaning

The Young Turks: Nazar

Restaurant Review: Nazar For many, Turkish cuisine is amongst the finest in the world, and with a whole host of excellent eateries in Shenzhen and Guangzhou it was only a

Grabbing A Pizza: Pizza Nonna

When looking for authentic Italian pizza in Dongguan, it is understandable that you might be skeptical of a joint opened by a local. We’ve all heard stories of ketchup used

Beauty in a rice cake

미녀는떡볶이를좋아해美女炒年糕 What started out as a street food vendor specializing in Korean snacks has gathered a strong enough fan-base to evolve into a full size store front. For those of

A CHAIN REACTION: Tianmu Bluebird Café

Sometimes we all need the sanctity of restaurant chain, something long established where we know exactly what we are getting. And so it was for the HERE! Dongguan team when,

Bar Street Lotus: Sen Vietnamese

Dongcheng Bar Street has a new addition to its ever expanding range of places to eat. Sen Vietnamese restaurant has recently opened to offer a taste of the Mekong on