Around Town

Pre-game Lounge: Diverso

A stroll’s north of Kande International Hotel nestled behind a conspicuous car dealership is Diverso coffee lounge and bar. At either of two entrances, you are greeted by a jet

360 Degrees: Turning Heads

The Houjie International Hotel is the tallest building in Houjie and on its forty-eighth floor is possibly the most unusual restaurant in Dongguan. The dining room at the 360° Revolving

It’s A Happenin’ Town: Vintage

Vintage advertises itself as a bar that specializes in rare and imported whiskeys. Having already been made popular in cities like Beijing and Shanghai, Vintage is looking to bring the

Fowl Obsession: Xian Huang

Guangdong is home to a few native specialties that most foreigners only stomach once or twice as novelty. Roast goose’s greasiness and high percentage of saturated fat along with Cantonese

Tangxia Town Guide

History Over 2,000 years ago, settlers began fishing and planting crops in the town of Tangxia, at the time the area was called Tang Tou Xia, meaning “houses around the

Deco Playhouse: Ibiza’s Craft Brew

Where to go to get a good beer? How about a trip to the middle of nowhere to an oasis beside a lake? Ibiza’s super chic and crazy art deco

It Has Risen: Martin’s Bakery

A bakery in Dongguan can be like a mirage in the desert. Walking down the street you find the warm glow of a newly opened bakery. Look in the window

Xiegang Town Guide

HISTORY Silver Bottle Mountain, in Xiegang Town, at 898 meters is the tallest mountain in Dongguan. The mountain is named so because from a distance it looks like a bottle.

The Candy Store: Funin Beer

Funin Beer is not the kind of bar you would go to watch the game, take a date or show a client. It’s small and cramped, there’s no bathroom and

Portions Available: Wild West Steakhouse

There is a time and a place for everything. Many times, weekly lunches are a great place to shave a little off of budgeted spending, which means that if eating