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Seasoned Profile: H Bistro

H Bistro is trying to be serious. It has a serious looking kitchen, serious looking staff and a seriously dim interior for serious diners who don’t mind dropping a decent

Qishi Town Guide

HISTORY Qishi, with its literal translation meaning “standing on a rock,” first got its name in the Ming Dynasty. According to the Guangdong Town Chronicles, more than 600 years ago,

Road Light: A Yellow Signal

The South China Mall in Wanjiang may be famous for all the wrong reasons, but in the past year it has been going through something of a redevelopment. Recently, cafes,

Singles: Table For You

The décor of Singles should win a gold star in the ilk of Western-themed restaurants. It’s sparkly, high ceilinged and smacks with enough external stimuli that it could keep a

Wangniudun Town Guide

HISTORY Wangniudun, with its literal meaning “a mound for watching the cows” in Chinese, was a mudflat by Baishi Lake about 800 years ago. According to Wangniudun Town Chronicles, in

Hengli Town Guide

HISTORY Hengli is famous for its cattle market, which started during the Ming Dynasty, a time around 600 years ago when farmers were unequipped with modern scales and animal weight

Wanjiang District Guide

HISTORY Wanjiang started as a village during the Ming Dynasty in 1464. It was initially named Wan Jia Zhou, which means “a delta with 10 thousand houses.” Not until 1797

Houjie Town Guide

HISTORY The literal translation for Houjie, Thick Street, is a reference to the town’s association throughout its history with relative affluence and wealth. Stories say that over 800 years ago,

Route 66: Work Ahead

Batou, for some, is an oasis from the norm, for others it is a portal to off-key Mando-pop with Casio drum lines. Route 66 can be filed as a confused

Roadhouse Bar & Grill: Rubbed Tummies

The newest venue for Western fare and entertainment lies at the foot of Qifeng Park’s steepest climb. Roadhouse Bar and Grill, aptly named for its thorough replication of suburban American