Bar Reviews

Road Light: A Yellow Signal

The South China Mall in Wanjiang may be famous for all the wrong reasons, but in the past year it has been going through something of a redevelopment. Recently, cafes,

Route 66: Work Ahead

Batou, for some, is an oasis from the norm, for others it is a portal to off-key Mando-pop with Casio drum lines. Route 66 can be filed as a confused

Pre-game Lounge: Diverso

A stroll’s north of Kande International Hotel nestled behind a conspicuous car dealership is Diverso coffee lounge and bar. At either of two entrances, you are greeted by a jet

It’s A Happenin’ Town: Vintage

Vintage advertises itself as a bar that specializes in rare and imported whiskeys. Having already been made popular in cities like Beijing and Shanghai, Vintage is looking to bring the

Deco Playhouse: Ibiza’s Craft Brew

Where to go to get a good beer? How about a trip to the middle of nowhere to an oasis beside a lake? Ibiza’s super chic and crazy art deco

The Candy Store: Funin Beer

Funin Beer is not the kind of bar you would go to watch the game, take a date or show a client. It’s small and cramped, there’s no bathroom and

Surprise Forecast: King City

Chinese nightclubs were a novelty for me when I moved to Dongguan. Instead of a dance floor there was a singer on a stage. The girls were friendly and along

The Shadow Knows

Black Shadow Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Black Shadow knows! Smack dab in the middle of the bustle of the Dongcheng pedestrian street lays

For All Ages

PALS Family Restaurant and Bar When PALS opened a few months ago they heavily promoted that they were a bar where you could bring your family. So much so, that

Takes a Village

Hug Pub The spirit of entrepreneurship that exists in this country has, by most accounts, never been stronger. While hobbies are few and far between in Dongguan, owning a retail