N Deli: Not Quite A Deli

When walking into N Deli it is easy to wonder what this place actually makes. It certainly doesn’t look like a quaint spot that might sell prepared foods like Corner’s

NEMO Bar: Finding Nemo is easy

It was just past midnight when I stumbled upon NEMO, a budding bar nestled in Dongcheng’s upper walking street. A quaint place surrounded by obscure retail shops and a few

Getting Ziggy with it: Ziggy’s Bar & Grill (CHANG’AN)

Ziggy’s Bar & Grill (CHANG’AN) Dongguan expats are, all-too-often, known to restrict themselves to their cosy Dongcheng confines, but those that dare venue off the beaten track are often richly

Bar Review: The Groove Cafe

A Groovy Kinda Place: The Groove Cafe They come and they go; they come and they go. Making your mark on the Dongguan bar scene is tough, staying their even

H is For Hip: H Club

Dongguan nightclubs come and go, but with H Club there is a new kid on the block and he is eager to show his swagger. Built and designed by the

A Bar Called Wanda: Wanda Lobby Bar

When it is comes to going out for drinks with friends on a Friday night, nobody jumps up and down squealing, “We gotta check out the new hotel bar.” Instead

Bar Without Patrons: Faith Music Pub

It’s Friday night and I’m sitting around the corner from my office on Dongcheng walking street, in a bar on Dongcheng walking street, watching a music video that is shot

Dongguan’s Izakaya: Bar Seraph (六翼天使)

Shielded from plain sight is the hidden gem, Bar Seraph. Not that it’s hard to find next to Helen’s Bar; it’s just new and not well known. Past the entrance,

Kansas City: Make it Fun

If you happen to ever find yourself in Humen Town for the night and are looking for a Western bar, save yourself the effort. Sadly, there is only one. The

Behind Walking Street: And Now You Know

German beer bars are hardly in short supply in China, and for those who may have passed by Yanhe Road at the western end of Nancheng Walking Street, there are