Bar Reviews

Try the Awesome Bacon Cocktail

Upon entering PO Tea Lounge and Cocktail Bar the phrase “Are you sure you want to go back to real life?” is noticeably written on a sign in the corner

Top Ten: A Dongcheng Whiskey Bar You Should Visit

With an array of bars, taverns, pubs and saloons to choose from, one picks each based of the feel of the night. You tuck into a dive bar for a

Find Your Hideaway 96 Spirytus Lounge

Speakeasy bars in Dongguan are becoming an underground trend, and 96 Spirytus Lounge follows the same basic concept of the usual speakeasy: a hidden oasis for discretion seekers and cocktail

Speaking Easy: SilentAlco2 Bar Review

The interior decor of SilentAlco2 is best described as “bohemian meets interstellar.” The owner, Benny, told us it’s based on The Martian. The music sets a great ambiance, smooth and

Expanding Flavors at The Brew Lab

It’s all about the brand. Yes, you walk into The Brew Lab expecting to find yet another fun or themed bar, as part of the explosive rise in local pubs

Of all the Gin Joints: JiuGuan

Admittedly, most of the bars I often visit are selected for their Western vibe, so when I was told about a suave new Chinese style cocktail bar near DG Mall,

When Nature Calls: New Treehouse @ Batou

Imagine stepping through a circular beam of light, and entering a little shack of paradise. Having carved out their own place in Batou, Nelly and Avo of Treehouse #2 have

Go With The Flow: Big River

Dongcheng is renowned for its fair share of bars, which makes standing out from the crowd that bit more difficult. That is exactly what newly opened micro-brewery “Big River” has

The Next Level: Isle in The Sky

Isle in The Sky is a thrilling new addition, having taken things to another level. The bar spared no expense and it certainly shows, with a dual bar layout and

Smooth Drinking: Rough Tale Whiskey Bar

Nancheng remains a great place to enjoy the nightlife and local foods, even now offering some new malls as well as night clubs. But, since the end of last year,