Around Town

Find Your Hideaway 96 Spirytus Lounge

Speakeasy bars in Dongguan are becoming an underground trend, and 96 Spirytus Lounge follows the same basic concept of the usual speakeasy: a hidden oasis for discretion seekers and cocktail

On The Up: Uptown 26 Review

For readers who missed the recent craft beer festival in Dongcheng, there is another reason to visit the newly renovated industrial area known as HERE! Square. Located in 33 Town,

Speaking Easy: SilentAlco2 Bar Review

The interior decor of SilentAlco2 is best described as “bohemian meets interstellar.” The owner, Benny, told us it’s based on The Martian. The music sets a great ambiance, smooth and

Free Your Chi with Tai Chi

Whatever the reason you might have for looking for a Tai Chi teacher in Dongguan—health, spiritual development or a desire to fulfill curiosity about this martial art—the language barrier may

Fine Hospitality at Hostaria Restaurant & Wine Bar

Italian eateries are seemingly more commonplace with every passing year in Dongguan. I firmly believe that to make it in the F&B industry these days takes a combination of impressive

Expanding Flavors at The Brew Lab

It’s all about the brand. Yes, you walk into The Brew Lab expecting to find yet another fun or themed bar, as part of the explosive rise in local pubs

Go Party in the Air at DG Mall

With roots from North America, AIR PARTY is a large-scale sports and entertainment theme park which comprises sports, entertainment, fitness and high-tech games in one. It occupies 6,000 square meters,

From Keyuan To The World

On May 13, Dongguan’s first tourist-themed post office—Keyuan Themed Post Office—was officially launched and created widespread attention. As an innovative crossover introduced by Keyuan Museum and Guancheng Branch Post Office,

Spot on or Not on? Boton Restaurant

For six years I have dined in and written about countless venues, around the many townships of Dongguan. There is one restaurant that has regularly reared its head. “Boton” may

Of all the Gin Joints: JiuGuan

Admittedly, most of the bars I often visit are selected for their Western vibe, so when I was told about a suave new Chinese style cocktail bar near DG Mall,