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Being Trendy is Trendy

Not a city known for five-star international cuisine, Dongguan restaurateurs often try to stand out in their own way. These four eateries are doing their thing just foryou. If you’re

Hello Salad: On the Light Side

The entrance sign, decorated with white lettering atop a bed of greenery, is eye-catching and fresh, while inside it feels like walking into a quiet garden in a bustling city.

Craftsmen Hit Hard Times

Did you know that this city is the reigning champion of the world? Machong Everbright Dragon Boat Club took the honors in Ravenna, Italy at last year’s international championships. But

Hashtag Dongguan Brands

These six local brands sprouted up to make some rich, some proud, and some nationally recognized. they put all of us on the map. You know Nestlé. If you’re Swiss,

25% of DG’s factory girls have multiple boyfriends

About 25 percent of the female workers from Dongguan’s factories said they feel having multiple sexual partners is appropriate. This is according to research provided by the Tangxia Hospital. Staff

Blossoming Trends: The Need to Know of Valentine’s Shopping in China

“If you consider buying a huge bunch of red roses from the flower streets for your girlfriends, you perhaps lived in the Middle Ages,” Ye Haomin, owner of a Dongguan

Old School to Nerd School: Two Breeds of D.I.Y. Home Heating

Type 1: Old school The average old-timer here isn’t especially known for having much education, but necessity is the mother of invention, and the following contraptions are still used by

The DGRC Pro Club: And the World’s Smallest International Airport

With a sun visor on his head and a bulky remote controller in his hands, Beck coaxed his airplane as it zipped across the afternoon sky. Starting back in his

Six Discoveries from Student Life in Hong Kong

Only an hour and a half away from Dongguan by train, Hong Kong is a hot destination for higher education in the land of one country and two systems. After