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Journey To The Southwest: Reaching New Heights

Have you been in Dongguan so long that you’ve forgotten what it’s like to be a tourist? Presenting history, culture and aesthetic appeal, these southwest china attractions will reignite your

A Brief Encounter With The Winter In Tibet

I’ve always been longing to visit Tibet—a heaven on earth, the locked away Shangri-la in the world’s roof at the Himalaya and the holy homeland for Buddhists. The plateau snakes

How to Get Rescued in Dongguan

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s… No, it’s a drone and now it’s here to save you. Welcome to the future. When it comes to search and rescue operations,

Dongcheng District Guide

History From the olden times till now, Dongcheng’s Huangqi Moutain has been full of symbolism for Dongguan. “On the top of Huangqi Mountain, there will raise a lantern” is a

Guancheng District Guide

History At 13.5 sq. kilometers, this district is the smallest of the four that make up downtown, but it is one of the oldest places in Dongguan—with just over 1,200

Nancheng District Guide

History For Dongguan locals, the district of Nancheng is spelled CBD—a.k.a. Central Business District. It is complete with skyscrapers, shopping centers, business gatherings and, of course, the regular National champion

Qingxi Town Guide

History The most beautiful legend from Qingxi, which means clear stream, is about its fascinating environment. In ancient times, deer belonging to the god of longevity happened down to Earth.

Shipai Town Guide

History Shipai is known as “Red Stone Town” because of its Yanling Ancient Quarry, a provincial cultural heritage site in Yanwo Village. The quarry, rich with red sand stone, was

The Blackhole List: Take Action against Junk Text Messages

Like biological warfare, the carriers of spam roll through China’s neighborhoods spreading pestilence indiscriminately. While not always quite so dramatic (cold calls have long been a sales strategy) today’s spammers

Xiamen Guide: Last Minute Plans for the Golden Week

Xiamen Guide: Last year, the 502-kilometer Xiamen-Shenzhen high-speed railway was put into use. One of its stations—the Humen Baisha Station, the only high-speed railway station in this city—connects Dongguan with