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A Weekend in Qingdao

Tranquil, idyllic and slightly inebriated. Home of the internationally famous beer, you may expect to find streets packed with drunkards, but will find cheery granddads and taxi drivers, instead. Anyone who has

A Canton Weekender

With Chinese New Year already passed, hopefully you can relax a bit with a trip close to home. this time, forget the airports, visas and passports. This next trip is

What’s The Real Dongguan?

You Might Not Know It, but all this time living here, you thought you were bored. You longed for more restaurants, more concerts, more, more, more. Little did you know,

Understanding Pure Greatness

Super-journalist Malcolm Gladwell frequently tops the international bestseller lists thanks to extraordinary books like The Tipping Point and Blink. Outliers: the story of success (2008) has become another similar success,

Bad Monkey: The Worst Ape of All

It seemed odd that the name and logo of this bar is exactly the same as the now famous establishment in Dali. And though it wasn’t clear if the two

The Manliest of Them All

It was originally the title of the movie, Never Back Down, and the poster, which includes a big, muscular black guy that’s wearing ragged gloves and looking ready to brawl

Dip-It Mediterranean Restaurant: Take a Quick Dip

The orange colored-theme of this restaurant embodies warmth from the outset and when you try the food, it’s exactly what you get: healthy, tasty and kindly welcoming. The open-plan kitchen

Queen Sea Big Shark

Beijing-based, Queen Sea Big Shark are one of the biggest rock bands in China. So, I was intrigued to go and check them out when they played at Brown Sugar

Tonya: A Taste of Japan

There’s a big chance that you will miss this restaurant as you walk by. It doesn’t so much as have an English logo or sign, but miss it at your