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Summer Reads: China Dolls

Lisa See’s China Dolls paints a story of three young women—Ruby, Grace, and Helen—and their journey through the American Chinese Night Club Era. The story begins in the 1930s where

Weather You Like It: A Science Lovers Museum

Nestled beside the Dongguan botanical garden in Nanchang is the Dongguan Meteorological Bureau from where daily weather updates for the city are observed, diagnosed and made known to the public.

Map of the Future: Customize Your Prophetic Practices

There is a curiosity that lingers around what the future holds. Fortune telling is practiced around the world in various forms, all with the same objective—a lens into the future.

Top 5 Reasons Zhangjiajie is Better than a Movie

Cruising at an altitude of 1,200 meters, through a cloud of fog with glimpses of spiked mountains in the surroundings, is a memory that will remain vivid in one’s mind