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Model Mandarin: Modern Speak

Top Tip: Quiz Game Learning to read Chinese characters can be scary, but the guys over at Skritter have managed to make it seem more fun than frightening. The software,

Model Mandarin: Lessons in Love

Top Tip: Don’t Mind the Big Things Tones are important. They can be the difference between buy and sell (mǎi or mài) or between referring to someone’s mother (mā) as

Model Mandarin: Getting a Bargain

TOP TIP: Learn in Chunks Learning Chinese would be a lot easier if you could just take each newly learned Chinese word and swap it for English. Unfortunately, differences in grammar

Model Mandarin: New Year’s Resolution

Top Tip Like making a speech at a wedding, going for your first job interview or moving to a new country to continue your career, things are often much easier

Model Mandarin: Everywhere, Le, Le

Top Tip Pleco Dictionary is a smart phone app available on both Android and iOS systems. The download is free, but add-ons can be expensive. Luckily, its most useful tool,

Model Mandarin: Quick-Change Artist

Top Tip If you are new to Dongguan, or new to learning Chinese, it can be intimidating to speak up when with other foreigners who can already speak the language.

Model Mandarin: Wish List

Top Tip In Chinese, the r sound is difficult. It comes up in often used words such as saying what nationality you are, ‘yīngguó rén;’ or remarking on the weather,

Model Mandarin: Cold Drink?

Top Tip As a learner of Chinese, you are not alone. Some estimates count 30 million foreign learners of Chinese. Whether accorate or not, a huge number of people are

Model Mandarin: Say What?

Top Tip: When speaking Chinese, locals are quick to correct you if the pronunciation is unclear or the tone is wrong. This can get frustrating if it interrupts what you

Model Mandarin: Invite Corrections

Top Tip: Tones are important. They are also difficult, and take hours of listening and trying to mimic native speakers. But don’t let this worry you, if you are still